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Making plans for a dream vacation closer to home? Try boat tours and rentals in Forster

With all the uncertainty around travel these days, making vacation plans can seem like a nightmare. Booking a flight. Putting travel documents together. Arranging for transportation and accommodations. Dreading hours-long waits at check-in counters and baggage carrousels. What should be a fun time turns into a hellish planning session! Well, with boat hire in Forster, those fears are unfounded. If you’re making plans for some time-off, then start them at Boatshed One. All you need to do is get there, and Joel and Tessa – and the rest of their helpful crew at Forster House Boat Hire – will ensure you have a dream vacation!

There’s so much on Offer

From watching the morning sunrise, and its late evening setting on the tranquil waters of Wallis Lake, to cruising to some of the waters’ favorite fishing spots, to enjoying a lively BBQ (hopefully with fresh-caught fish on the menu!) in the company of friends and family. The waters are where this happens. You can’t enjoy these experiences jet-setting through busy airports, or honking your way through grid-locked highways on a land sightseeing vacation. A vacation featuring a boat hire in Forster has so much more to offer.

If you plan it right, and do so early, you’ll have one of the most enjoyable and stress-free vacations ever! From relaxing on deck, to chilling on the pristine beaches. And from fishing, swimming, and kayaking, to snorkeling, hiking, and crabbing – renting a houseboat from Forster Houseboat Hire makes that happen.

If all you want to do is get away as far as possible from the maddening rush and bustle of your “day job”, and spend quality time with friends and loved ones, then hire a houseboat and make that happen. Enjoy drinks on the deck, pleasant company as you anchor at a designated spot or coast gently down the river, or lively conversation at dinner onboard. Your watery getaway is the perfect way to unwind and relax.

But there’s so much more to the Forster boat hire experience than that. Jump off the boat on an impulse, and take a leisurely swim. Hire a transparent paddle board and kayak, and go exploring into the clear waters. You’ll be amazed at the flora, fauna, and marine life you witness. 

Take a pair of binoculus to watch the Osprey and Eagles go about their business, doing the things they excel at!  And nature lovers paddling near Coomba Park can even catch a glimpse of Skippy and his kinfolks bounding and jostling as you float by.  And don’t forget to pack your camera with you. If you’re lucky, like many vacationers have reported, you may even see a pod of dolphin’s swim by and say “hello” to you.

Best of All Worlds

The great thing about boat tours in Forster is that hiring a houseboat doesn’t restrict you to spending all the time you have onboard the craft. In fact, there are plenty of attractions off-board as there are on it! Many vacationers make the most of their time on the water by going fishing. Forster has a lot to offer on that score too! If you tow a “tinnie” behind you, you’re all set to move your vacationing activities off the boat. If you don’t have your own “tinnie”, you can always rent one from Boatshed One – and, to avoid the hassle of carrying one from home, that’s what most vacationers do.


Wallis Lake is as good a spot to start your vacation. Once you anchor at your designated spot on the lake, you’re all set to explore to your hearts content. Many vacationers even travel to Coomba Park, and explore the local shops and businesses and do some local sightseeing. As part of the on-off-shore Forster boat hire experience, some water vacationers anchor just off there (Coomba Park), and use their runabouts to make trips back and forth from/to their boat and onshore.   

This novel approach to a lake vacation offers you the best of all worlds: Enjoy all the comforts of a “floating house” while onboard. Hop onto your “water taxi”, that you tow behind you, and get access to a wide range of fishing spots along the shoreline. And, when you want to stretch your water legs on firmer ground, go onshore and take in the sights in Wallingat National Park, or trek along its expanses to take in breathtaking wildlife. Or you can drop by WildSide Hobby Farm and stock up on fresh fruits and produce to take back to your houseboat.

Rent a 33’ Houseboat: Ideal for couples, small families, or small groups of people, up to 6 in total, you can start your Forster Great Lakes vacation by renting a 33’ houseboat.  When the day’s done, head on to the upstairs viewing deck, grab a cold one, and sprawl on the table and chairs to watch the amazing sun set. Equipped with twin Yamaha motors, these houseboats are easy to maneuver, and are a breeze to anchor. 

Take out a 45’ Houseboat: For groups of up to 10-people, the 45’ houseboat makes for the perfect choice for a boating getaway on the Forster Lakes. Thanks to its open plan layout, you and your party will enjoy an amazing 360o view of the vast waterways all around you. The front deck is perfectly configured for a variety of leisure activities – dolphin spotting, sunbathing, or fishing. Want to try your hand at cooking and grilling out on the water? The boat has a regular kitchen fridge, a 4-burner gas stove with grill and oven where you can cook your freshly caught catch-of-the-day.

Hire a yellow luxury cruiser for the day: Want something larger? Well, if you have a party of up to 12-people, you can hire a yellow luxury cruiser for the day. If this is your first time in one of these boats, don’t let it overwhelm you. A qualified Captain will give you all the instructions you require, and staff will ensure you know everything you need to know. It’s extremely easy to navigate, and anyone can handle it – you don’t even need a license to enjoy your watery vacation in one of these vessels. You’ll enjoy the comforts of chaise lounges, helpful fishing maps…and much more.

Whale Watching Tour

And if self-piloted boat tours in Forster aren’t your idea of a laid-back vacation, then how about letting the professionals handle it all. You just sit back and enjoy the majestic sights of Whales on a day trip, as your seasoned crew pilot the vessel. Get out your video cameras, or pop-up your binoculars, as these experienced pros know exactly where to head to get the best Whale-watching action! 

And while you take in the sight of the ocean’s largest mammals putting on a show for you, if you’re lucky, you might even catch a team of playful dolphins ride the bow waves as your boat moves. The knowledgeable crew members can offer some interesting insights on what you’re watching – how many whales you’re seeing, where are they coming from, why they’re there in the icy waters. 

What you get is more than what you and the kids would at a marine sanctuary or an aquarium. Whale watching tours are as close to the majestic mammals that you’ll ever get. So, if its indelible memories that you want to create on your vacation, then book your whale watching tour and hire a crew to take you where you’ll see these awesome creatures in full display.  

Time to Put Your Plans into Action

Like any dream vacation, planning and organization are the key to having a stress-free and enjoyable time. And, when you’re dealing with friendly and accommodating folks like Joel, Tessa, and the whole Forster Houseboat Hire dock crew, there’s no “secret sauce” to making this your best holiday experience ever.

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