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Forster Houseboat Hire is Situated on the Crystal Blue Waters of Wallis Lake.

We are located just a 3.5 hours drive North of Sydney, NSW on the Beautiful Barrington Coast. Our rates are listed below, we also run special promotions frequently so make sure to like our Facebook page and join our mailing list newsletter.

Hire charges will be calculated at current rates when booking is made. To confirm your booking you can book your Houseboat online instantly on our website or call to just pay the $800 Refundable Bond, this will be held until the completion of your booking and refunded within 7 days minus fuel and any damages. Credit card details and valid drivers license are required. Groups under 40 of the same sex require $1500 bond, plus valid credit card details to hire.

Unlike most Houseboat Hire NSW companies all Linens and towels are provided free of charge, we provide a full service experience including hotel shampoos, conditioner and soaps etc, just like your favourite hotel, except floating!

No boat license is required and we provide full training and are always on hand for questions throughout your stay with us. Also if you prefer not to drive or are not confident we offer a captained service to ensure your piece of mind and a relaxing holiday.

Fuel is charged at $30 per motoring hour for 45 foot Houseboats Hire and $25 per hour for 33 foot houseboat hire and $40 per tank for tender boats. As Wallis Lake is a treasure trove of islands, you do not have to travel far to find amazing coves to moor and islands to explore.

Most people find that 1 hour motoring per day is enough for the houseboat, and that a tank for the tender boat will last 2-3 days of exploring the waterways, fishing crabbing or pulling up on one of the many islands or sandy beaches.

Houseboat Hire NSW Forster