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Making the Most of a Wallis Lake Vacation: Know what you want before booking

Wallis Lake is one of the most pristine water havens in NSW. You could drive to the lake shores for a few hours, see the sights, and then head on home. You might even experience it from the air, flying high and fast above in a helicopter or a Cessna…wondering what the tiny dots and shapes are as you fly by! It’ll all end quickly for you, with plenty of photo ops and video, but no real appreciation of what the Lake, and its magnificent surrounding ecosystem, has to offer.


The best way to explore this piece of watery heaven, is to have friends and family join with Forster Houseboat Hire at Boatshed Number One, on boat hire in Forster. Ideally, to soak all the goodness that’s hidden here, you should rent one of the many boats available, and make your exploration last more than just a couple of hours. The Lake will amply reward you and your party of friends, by sharing her secrets – guaranteed!

The minute you pull out of the Shed, you’ll start appreciating what’s on offer. Vacationers who’ve “been here…done this”, say that discovering the breathtaking beauty of Wallis Lake up-close, is the most exhilarating feeling ever! The knowledgeable Forster boat hire staff at Boatshed Number One will let you in on some “secrets” of their own too – like:

  • where to anchor for the best lake experience
  • the best secluded spots to go to on the lake
  • how to find magnificent sandy beaches and pristine waters all along the lakeshore
  • when the best time is to go fishing, and where to locate the best fishing spots  

Once on the water, the sky’s (Lake’s bottom, actually!) the limit. You can stay onboard and just relax; check out the many beaches on the islands that dot the lake; dive into the inviting waters and go for a leisurely swim; hop onshore and take an invigorating sandy walk along the shoreline; or choose a sandy spot, roll out a rug and break open the picnic basket in the company of friends and family.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to ask one of the staff to load the feature rich App on your phone, that’ll help you unlock even more of the Lakes’ secrets. You’ll get 24×7 access to incredible information, such as recommendations on anchor points, helpful maps, and areas to steer away from.


Experiencing boat hire in Forster gets that much better when you’re dealing with a friendly, seasoned boat hire crew. As a family-run boating operator, Forster Houseboat Hire has raised the bar much higher, for family fun and adventure, through memorable boat hire experiences. Some boatsheds offer water craft designed to take you out and bring you back – but “real” explorers want more than that. 

When you’re on the Lake, exploring all the secrets along its waterways, you want to experience them in more than one way – and Boatshed Number One offers a one-window option to do just that. Depending on the boat you hire, and the mood you and your friends are in, you could indulge is a vast array of activities, including:

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Crabbing
  • Stargazing
  • Chilling on the deck with a cold one
  • Barbecuing 

And getting the most of your boat tours in Forster doesn’t have to run to any specific schedule either. It’s your vacation, so you do what you want, when you want to, and where. That’s the beauty of opting to hire a boat, and do “your own thing” on the Lake. 

a sunset over a body of water

Unlike some of the strictly scripted tours, when you hire a boat from Forster Houseboat Hire, you can opt to be the Master of your own schedule. Anchor at one of the suggested spots, in the middle of the Lake, and set your alarm clock to catch the gorgeous sunrise. Or, if you are a night owl who likes to sleep in (and miss out on a glamorous sunrise!) …don’t worry. You can still have an evening meal cook-out on the deck, and catch a spectacular sunset instead. 

Or, as the Master of your own vacation schedules, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – sunset and sunrise. Anchor at your designated spot on the Lake, and get your runabout (you can even hire one at Boatshed Number One) and camp on the shore. Then, pull an all-nighter with friends and family, watching the sunset, and making memories on the sandy beaches of Wallis Lake till sunrise at dawn.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning an extended outing on the Lake’s beaches with friends and family, make sure you bring along garbage bags with you. And tidy-up after yourselves as you head back to shore. Remember, you’ll need to take your garbage with you and self-dispose of it, because Boatshed Number One doesn’t have garbage disposal facilities.


There are so many equally great boat hire options to choose from, that sometimes memory-making can feel daunting – It needn’t be!  Thanks to the insights and experience of the helpful Forster boat hire team, you’ll get a helpful head start to building those memories on your next Wallis Lake vacation.  It’s a good idea to call ahead and speak with the staff, and ask what’s the best way to enjoy your time on the Lake. 

  • Hire a range of water sport craft
  • Think about fun activities with paddle boards and pedal boats
  • Opt for a houseboat vacation
  • Choose a luxury BBQ boat hire experience
  • Cruise up-close, and get intimate with dolphins and whales that frequent the Lake
  • Charter a luxury vessel, complete with your personal Captain, and sail and cruise the Lake’s breadth

a colorful underwater

If you’re in the mind to explore a bit deeper, then you may choose to do that too! Anchor at a “special” spot, put on your scuba diving equipment, and uncover the Lakes’ secrets beneath its pristine waters. The crystal clear, turquoise waters are full of flora, fauna, and amazing sea-creatures that you can’t appreciate on an aerial tour or a shore-based exploration trip. 

But wait…you’d rather experience those “up close” and “deep under” moments without your diving gear? Well, Forster Houseboat Hire offers options for boat hire in Forster that let you do just that!

  • A single kayak rental arrangement will allow you to paddle along the waterway and soak in the views on top, as well as let you peer into the lake to get up-close views of what’s down below 
  • Hire a transparent double kayak, and watch all the action down below as you effortlessly glide through the gentle waters of the Lake
  • Take an aqua bike ride and circle around the shoreline and enjoy the scenic action below 
  • Opt for a cruise onboard one of Australia’s fastest commercial vessels, the Epic Surf, and head on out to watch the over 300-strong pod of dolphins that call Forster their home
  • Get a group of friends together and head out on a paddle boarding excursion and enjoy the amazing sights and scenery that the waterways are hiding
  • Invite your party friends on a glass bottom BBQ party boat so everyone can lay back, enjoy great food and company, while also enjoying what the creatures in the deep blue lake waters are up to

How you decide to spend your time on the waters is all up to you. But if you want some helpful advice from pros who have been in the business for a while, just ask the staff which boat tours in Forster make the best sense for what you’re looking for. They’re friendly. They’re knowledgeable. But most of all, they’re eager to help you enjoy the natural paradise that’s Wallis Lake.

Pro Tip: When planning a Lake-getaway with family and friends, it’s always a good idea to know (or ask) ahead of time, before booking the event, what everyone likes to do for “fun”. That way, when you consult with your boat hire staff, they’ll be able to advise you about the best type of craft to hire, specific events, and a whole lot more for everyone to enjoy 


There’s more to enjoying a stunning and satisfying water vacation on Forster Great Lakes, than sitting onboard a cramped vessel. Some rentals out there offer barely enough legroom for everyone. You and your party of eager vacationers will end up turning uncomfortably from side-to-side each time someone points to a memorable sight! If you want a memory-making Forster boat hire experience, then you need to think beyond just “leg room”. Think BIG!

  • Consider hiring a Yellow Luxury BBQ Party Boat for groups of up to 12 people
  • A 45′ Houseboat Hire is a great option, with room for up to 10 people to sleep comfortably
  • If you have a smaller group – of up to 6 people – then a 33′ Houseboat Hire package might work out just fine
  • If you plan on ferrying up to 8 people back and forth, between your anchor point and the shore, then consider a Runabout Boat Hire as an option
  • …and, if you’re thinking about cruising, fishing, or relaxing in comfort for a few hours, then the 40-HP luxury tri-hull runabout with shade canopy is a great choice

Pro Tip: Talk to the knowledgeable staff about any “extras” that you may need to bring along. While your arrangement for boat hire in Forster comes with a lot of onboard amenities, you may need to bring extra pillows, medication, mosquito repellent, torch, games, and books   

The best thing about hiring a houseboat from Boatshed Number One is that you’ll find most of the luxuries for a comfortable Lake stay – pillows, comforters, cooking utensils, pots and pans, fridge, gas range – right there. So, while you and your party have lots of leg room to walk about, lounge on the decks, and play games onboard; you’ll also be able to cook your own meals and sleep in comfort on overnight excursions. 

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