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An Essential Part of Your Preparation

Include checking the weather forecast and other related information. Once on the water, it is important to monitor regular weather reports, especially if changes are predicted.

The Great Lakes Waterways have a strong run in and run out tides. This is the water coming in from the ocean, through the heads into the Great Lakes area

Great care must be taken to anchor your houseboat in an appropriate position and be aware of the changing tides throughout the day and night.

Beaching a houseboat can cause extensive damage and add hardship to your holiday. By being aware of tides and currents your trip will be more enjoyable and carefree. A hire runabout or your own boat is perfect for the motor to islands, picnic spots, and beaches.

It is the responsibility of the HIRER to monitor the weather and tidal conditions. Houseboats strictly CANNOT be taken to shore at any time or moored on any permanent structure

The monitoring of weather and tides is also applicable to the hiring of runabouts and party boats

tidal range - High and Low tide range - be prepared Forster Tuncurry NSW