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A Boat Rental Vacation to Remember: How to Explore Forster, NSW and Its Neighborhood

Visiting the same old haunts during your vacations can be boring. It’s probably no fun going to the same beaches, hotels, cottages, or resorts anymore. You plan things the same way each year. You meet the same people (typically staff and other fellow “travelers”) at the venues. You likely even spend the same amount of time (if not longer!) waiting around an airport baggage carousel, or hunting for lost luggage at a train station. So, don’t you want a change in scenery this time around? If you’ve never experienced boat tours in Forster, NSW, then prepare to be stunned! 

Discovering Paradise on Earth

Who would have thought it, but Paradise isn’t oceans away, or continents apart? Just 300-miles north-east of Sydney, along Australia’s mid-north coastal region of New South Wales (NSW), is the coastal town called Forster. Barely 4-hour’s drive from Sydney, Forster lies adjacent to another scenic destination, the town of Tuncurry. 

a group of people on a beach

Once they’ve experienced what the Forster-Tuncurry duo has to offer, vacationers, looking for a getaway with subtropical climes, hotter summers, milder winters, and moderately high precipitation, make that their preferred destination every time. However, the larger Forster has garnered world-wide acclaim for its gorgeous sandy beaches, stunning waters, and pristinely-maintained marine habitat.  It’s the Paradise on earth experience that they’ve been looking for – and have finally found! 

That’s just one of the reasons that vacationers flock to Forster boat hire companies, year after year, to book their seasonal vacation packages, as well as to make frequent getaway trips on holidays. Forster isn’t just a summer holidaymakers retreat. Even during the wintery months and, in fact, all year around, family holiday crowds descend on the town to take advantage of its natural beauty, and enjoy the many amenities that lake-side boating companies provide.  

If you and your family and friends are looking for an Australian lakeside holiday Paradise getaway, then you need an experience with boat hire in Forster to realize your dream vacation.

Getting to Forster in Style

Whether you are local to Australia, or visiting from overseas, Forster is a must-visit destination to add to your bucket list – especially if you love everything that lakeside vacations have to offer.


They say (and rightly so, when it comes to a NSW vacation!) that half the fun is in getting there. And there’s even more fun in the company of good friends and family members. 

Ideally, if you’re coming down with a couple of friends, it’s a good idea to drive down to your holiday destination in a vehicle (owned or rental). Not only will you be comfortable, driving at your own speed, but that’ll also give you great options to enjoy the scenic route to Forster. 

Alternatively, if you have a larger party of holidaymakers – perhaps family and close friends, then renting a camp van may be the preferred way to travel. 

Either way, set your destination to Boatshed Number One, Little St, Forster NSW 2428, Australia – that’s where you’ll find Forster Houseboat Hire.  Worried about finding parking? There are plenty of parking spots – free public parking for the most part – close to the Boatshed and close to the Forster Police Station.

Things To Do in Forster

Worried that you’ll run out of things to do once you get there? Well…don’t be! There are so many great sights, attractions, water events and activities to experience in and around Forster, that many vacationers often must make return trips to sample them all. And there’s something for all age groups too. 


Once you hire a houseboat of your choice, you really don’t need a professional chaperon. Working with professional operators of boat tours in Forster, you should rent a houseboat large enough to accommodate your entire group of fellow vacationers. Then, you’ll be able to get your whole party involved in events and activities that fit their moods, including:

  • Laying on the deck of your rented houseboat to catch a bit of stargazing
  • Relaxing in longue chairs and sharing a couple of cold ones with friends and family
  • Encouraging everyone that can swim to dare a dip in the clear waters of the lakes
  • Heading out in a runabout to a secluded spot to catch some fishing action

a small boat in a body of water

  • Putting on your diving gear and going snorkeling
  • Renting a Paddle board or a Kayak and floating gently down the lake waters
  • Going onshore in your runabout and doing some crabbing

And, if you’re lucky enough (as most Forster Lake visitors are!) to catch a haul of fish or crab, then you can head on back and fire up the grill on board your houseboat, and enjoy a nice barbecue dinner onboard. At Forster Houseboat Hire, the Luxury BBQ boat comes with a Webber Baby Q BBQ onboard.  Before setting out on your trip, however, be sure to check with your Forster boat hire representative about onboard barbecuing supplies, utensils, and tools provided.  


Piloting your own vessel and sailing solo (or with your group of fellow adventurers) might not be for everyone. Or, even if it is, you may also want to enjoy an experience with someone else in charge.  Well, the Forster Houseboat Hire team has two special guided tours that’ll thrill everyone, and lift the spirits of your whole group – from ages 6 to 110 – guaranteed!

  • The Epic Surf Whale Adventure is tailored to give everyone some quality time with majestic Humpback whales (age limit: 10+)
  • The Dolphin Watch Ocean Adventure Boat Tour happens on one of Australia’s fastest commercial vessels, the Epic Surf. You’ll have a whale of a time (no pun intended!) looking for playful dolphins, and great white sharks (age limit: 6+)

This personalized experience, of boat hire in Forster, will likely go down as the hallmark of your lake vacation. The veteran tour guides and crew know exactly where to go, and what to look for. And while you sit back and relax, or shoot videos and take pictures, they’ll keep their eyes peeled for sights and observations you shouldn’t miss. 


Firmly in command of your rented houseboat, and an optional (but highly recommended!)  rental runabout tugged behind you, you may choose to explore Forster yourself, and uncover its many secrets alongside your friends and family. Here are some great tips to get you started on your journey of self-exploration: 


  1. Forster’s Main Beach: This approximately 563 meters piece of sandy Paradise stretches from the Forster break wall, and runs down to the ocean baths. The natural location of the beach means it’s protected from strong ocean swells, and is also well-patrolled by rescue teams throughout the swimming season. And that’s just one of the many reasons that families opt for boat tours in Forster for their vacations. And to make it an even more inviting spot, there are snack shops and cafes close by, so you can quickly grab some refreshments and be back to your sandy party on the beach.
  2. Pebbly Beach: Just to the south of Forster’s Main Beach, and not too long a jaunt along Bicentennial Walk, you’ll come across Pebbly Beach. And don’t let its name (“Pebbly”) dissuade you– there’s a lot of lush sand, and pristine waters all around.  Still, this location offers lengthy stretches of ocean-polished, round rocks for snorkeling enthusiasts. Feeling like a family picnic? Adjacent to Pebbly Beach, along Bicentennial Walk, you’ll find a park that offers many opportunities for everyone – rest rooms, shelters, BBQs, and playgrounds.  
  3. The Tanks: And since you’re in the area, don’t forget to ask your Forster boat hire team about visiting The Tanks. A natural rock formation along Bicentennial Walk, this is a place that has a gorgeous rock pool that offers fun activities for families, including snorkeling and swimming. Shielded from incoming swells by the natural rock walls, as high-tide approaches, the lakes fill The Tanks with water. And, as the tide recedes, it reveals the beautiful sandy underbelly of this spot. The cozy water inlet is safe for swimming and just relaxing.
  4. Bennetts Head Lookout: One of the most iconic spots in Forster, Bennetts Head Lookout is a great spot to catch panoramic, 360o views of the entire area surrounding Forster. And, on a good day, the view is so expansive and clear, that you can even catch some whales travelling through. Make sure you bring a powerful set of binoculars or, better yet, a decent camera with a nice zoom lens!

And if that doesn’t whet your appetite for more of what Forster has to offer, there’s plenty more to come – and not too far away either. When organizing your boat hire in Forster, make sure you ask about anchoring your houseboat overnight, and using a runabout to ferry your family and friends across to continue your exploration. You’ve still got several other stops to make, including One Mile Beach, Burgess Beach, and Cape Hawke Lookout, just to name drop. Once you get to Boatshed Number One, ask the helpful, and knowledgeable, staff to clue you in on the best spots to visit, and the various activities available at each place. It’s a conversation worth having!  

Make the Most of Your Boat Hire Vacation

Arranging your boat hire trips can be stressful at times. However, with Forster Houseboat Hire, it all turns into a stress-free experience. There’s plenty of boat hiring choices:

  • For a party of up to 12 people, hire a Yellow Luxury BBQ Party Boat 
  • Have a group of up to 10 people accompanying you? A 45′ Houseboat Hire package is the way to go
  • For parties of up to 6 people, a 33′ Houseboat Hire package will work just fine
  • The 40-HP luxury tri-hull runabout with shade canopy is a highly recommended option if you plan on multiple-day trips. You’ll need multiple trips back/forth between shore and houseboat, to take in all the attractions, sights, and scenes that Forster has to offer 
  • You may also choose transparent double kayaks, see-through canoes and paddle boards

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about making the right choice, don’t overthink your Forster boat hire experience – just call ahead and talk with the team at Boatshed Number One. Depending on how many vacationers you have in the group, what you want for your party, and how long you wish to stay, they’ll willingly make some great recommendations. 

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