Houseboat Hire, BBQ Boat Hire & Marina in Forster NSW

Q: Do I need a boat licence to drive the houseboat?
A: No, full operating instructions are provided and discussed and each hirer will be orientated and required to sign a form. Novice boaters are strongly encouraged to moor in set positions and only move to adjust to weather and tidal situations. Fees will be incurred for beaching houseboats and the BBQ boat

Q: Can we bring our pets?
A: NO. Due to NSW Health Department rules any animals taken on board will void any refund and may incur cleaning costs

Q: Can I bring my own boat and tow behind houseboat?
A: Yes

Q: Can we hire a larger dinghy with motor?
A: Yes, we can supply a 14ft aluminium runabout with 6hp motor at an (extra cost) or an 8ft four person rowing runabout at (no charge)

Q: Do we need a fishing licence?
A: Yes for 18 and over. No licence is required for retirees or pensioners. Can be acquired locally at various outlets or apply online

Q: Does Boatshed Number 1 (Forster Luxury Houseboats) sell bait? A: During peak season (November to February) we stock a variety of bait such as pilchards, prawns, sea worms, mullet fillets, squid and white bait. Out of peak time some bait may be available otherwise there are various outlets around Forster that stock bait

Q: What should I bring on the houseboat? 
A: It is highly recommended to bring garbage bags for disposal of rubbish as each HIRER is responsible for the disposal of their rubbish upon disembarkment. Boatshed No. 1 do not have the facilities to dispose of your rubbish. Containers and snap lock seal bags for food storage. Mosquito repellent and fly spray. All toiletries, extra toilet paper and medicines required. Important suggested items include a torch, dishwashing liquid, pegs and portable speakers. Fishing gear, along with cutting boards and knives, buckets and fishing nets. Chargers for phones that are 12 volt or 240v adaptor. Bring speakers and ipod, games, books and magazines etc. and All swimming equipment and flotation devices. NOTE: All houseboats have PFD’s (personal flotation devices) on board, if you wish to bring more or an aquatic sport PFD for personal use it is recommended

Q: Will we have plenty of fuel? A: Yes fuel tanks are full when you depart and it is the responsibilty of the hirer to monitor usage (approximate continuous engine time is 8-10 hrs) and if fuelling is required it must be done during business hours 0800-1700 or a $80 call out fee will be charged for after hours refuelling. Getting lost and/or running out of fuel is not the responsibility o the owner

Q: Is there mobile phone reception? A: Yes there is coverage and good signal at most times

Q: Can I come back to Boatshed Number 1 at anytime in my houseboat?  A: No.Your arrival time at the end of your trip must be discussed and pre-arranged before the start of your vacation. All hirer (s) of the houseboats MUST contact the Boatshed at least 2 hours prior to docking at the wharf to unload and disembark from your vacation IF your arrival time at the end of your holiday changes. However during your trip you may dock at the Boatshed during business hours in a run about. This is why we advise you to bring your own runabout or hire one at the time of your booking. It is the responsibility of the hirer(s) to be a .ware of the fuel in both vessels and if the tanks are getting low to drive the runabout to the Boatshed for refuelling. A minimum call out fee of $80.00 for customers requiring fuel after hours will be applicable

Q: What happens if I get beached? A: All hirer(s) must take great care when hiring and driving a water vessel. It is the responsibility of the hirer(s) to ALWAYS monitor weather and tidal conditions. If your houseboat becomes beached you will be required to inform the owner immediately. Staff at Boatshed Number 1 will not always be able to physically come to your assistance when the houseboat becomes beached as there is very little to do other than wait for the changing tides and/or weather. This could be in the middle of the night. If the vessel becomes beached the HIRER (S) must monitor and NOT leave the vessel until the tide had shifted and responsibly start the engines and motor to a secure and appropriate position.

If the houseboat becomes beached and is put into a position whereby it cannot be removed by the tides, your bond will be kept in full and if a second party is required for extraction an extra fee will be issued.

If you end your houseboat trip and the vessel is left beached a minimum fee of $250 from your bond will be incurred. Contact and emergency numbers are located in the houseboat manual and must be used responsibly. These numbers are for use in the appropriate emergency, common sense must be used

Q: Can we get supplies on the lake?
A: Yes, there is a general store at Coomba Park. If you have a hire runabout or your own boat you can motor to our wharf or any public wharf (there are many around the waterways) and take advantage of Fosters shopping precinct. Otherwise you must purchase your shopping prior to boarding the vessel. You cannot come to the Boatshed and load the boat then go shopping. STRICT departure times unless prior arrangements have be made the day before must be adhered too, as staff are required to assist with your departure and arrival

Q: Where do I find parking?
A: It is the responsibility of the Hirer to find appropriate parking. There are many all- day parking bays in and around Forster

Q: Is there 240 volt power?
A: Yes on the 45ft (8-10 berth) and the 33ft (2-6 berth) have 240 volt generator power and each houseboat has a 12 volt cigarette type outlet for charging phones and cameras

Q: Is linen provided?
A: Yes, all linen is supplied including sheets, pillow cases, doonas, bath towels and tea towels. Your own linen can be brought or pillows etc if desired

Q: Does it have cooking facilities?
A: Yes a full size gas stove, with 4 top burners. A BBQ is also provided

Q: Is there a fridge?
A: The 45ft (8-10 berth) has boat has a full size fridge. The 33ft (2-6 berth) each has a bar fridge and ice box. Please bring ICE as we do not stock ice

Q: Is there hot water?
A: Yes all boats are fitted with gas hot water for showering and cooking