Houseboats and BBQ Party Boats for Hire, Forster NSW

House boats for hire. 45Foot HouseBoat available for hire.Just think of it…anchoring at sunset in a tranquil cove where the only sound is the splash of a fish or the call of a evening bird. Waking to the beauty of sunlight sparkling on the water. Deciding whether to cruise, fish, water ski, snorkel, sailboard, canoe… or simply relax.

Our houseboats offer the ultimate in space and comfort. The sleeping accommodation is nothing short of luxurious. You can dine indoors or out on one of the spacious decks, or enjoy swimming in Wallis Lake, which is home to hundreds of friendly Bottle-Nosed Dolphins and other marine life.

IMG_2406With an abundance of fish and wildlife in the area, leave the phones at home, get away from TV’s and watch the beautiful lake sunsets instead.

Feel like a peaceful rest, where you’re in control of the destination? How you get there is aboard one of our three beautiful houseboats.

Unforgettable views along the Wallis Lake waterways, get back to nature, flowing peacefully aboard one of our houseboats, or party with no one to complain.

…..also now home to Forster’s Luxury BBQ Party Boat……


IMG_0295our beautiful plush 15 seater Luxury BBQ Party Boat is the largest in Forster …

“party in Luxury and in style”

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