Houseboat Hire, BBQ Boat Hire & Marina in Forster NSW

Upon arrival to the boatshed after loading of your houseboat you will be orientated on the operation of the vessel. This includes all facilities and equipment on board. You will then be driven to your pre-arranged destination. Experienced boat drivers have the option to motor unassisted and choose their own destination

Destination: City Lights

Mooring near Miles Island is a great destination for both families and couples. Located conveniently next to Forsters main wharf you have quick access to shopping, boutiques and hotels. The beauty of this spot is that it is within minutes to one of Forsters most popular beaches boasting clear turquoise water and white sandy beaches. Its the perfect spot to laze away the day fishing and enjoying your surrounds. At night you will be close to the towns action or if you prefer to stay on board be mesmerized by sunsets and soak up the city lights. This destination is approximately 25 minutes from the boatshed and you will be anchored in a popular dolphin watching position. ‘City Lights’ is highly recommended for novice boating persons who have limited or no boating experience. Time can be spent relaxing and taking in the sites

NOTE: Hirers who have limited boating experience are strongly advised to stay in the same position with only minimal motoring adjustments according to tidal and weather conditions following all mooring and anchoring rules and NSW maritime laws which can be located in the on-board manual

Destination: Peace Haven

Peace Haven is a destination that offers serenity and tranquility. Motoring your vessel upstream the Wallis Lake will provide you with two corridors of waterways to choose from, the Wang Wauk or Coolongolook River. Here you will be anchored in a secure and quiet cove to relax and spend time with nature. There are numerous areas to fish and swim, or cruise and enjoy some dolphin spotting. The lakes open up with vast areas to explore, spotted with picnic and BBQ areas. The nearest convenience store is located at Coomba park and by hiring a runabout or bringing your own vessel you can motor to the Coomba wharf at any time. Peace Haven is approximately 50 minutes by houseboat and 20 minutes back to the boatshed by runabout. This destination is suited to all persons especially people who like to getaway from the hustle and bustle of life and is favourable with people who have boating experience. A run about is highly recommended.